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This video includes doing some crossover-turns; skating uphill; on rough ground and skiing down grass slopes. As you will see Michael has not had a lot of practice at some of these things and someone younger with more experience or practice would do a lot better.
Michael and Bell trying out test samples of the production models in Cannes, France and various parts of Australia. We have now finalised the design of the carbon parts and are just working on a few final refinements of some of the smaller parts, so now we have a very small pilot run under way.
Testing the first samples that came out of our new moulds. Since then, there have been modifications to some of the moulds and adjustments in the layups of all the carbon fibre parts, so things are improving all the time. The video was taken in June while we were in Sydney for the shooting for the New Inventors. Footage taken in China is from various locations, mostly around Shanghai.
People often ask: How do you stop? This video shows a couple of techniques that can be used but you can read more stopping & braking info.
This video is of an earlier prototype, and significant design improvements have been made since. The pair that Bell is using in this video had a few problems at the time that this video was taken that are hindering her ability. Although improvements have been made since then with newer design and moulds they are still in the development phase.

This video is of trails of an earlier prototype that was taken in 2008 in China, Australia and Singapore. This prototype was a significant improvement on earlier prototypes but not as good as the current production model we are currently testing.