How hard is it to learn?

If you are already a good skater on any other form of skates then with practice you should be able to adapt to Chariot Skates. The technique is similar to other skates but is something that needs to be learned or adjusted to. Some skaters are off and away on them within their first few minutes.

If you are not an experienced skater, learning to skate on Chariot Skates will not be much different than learning on other forms of skates. Roller-skates may be a little easier to learn than inline-skates, which in turn may be a little easier to learn than wheel-skates. Someone with no skating or skiing experience may be better off learning to skate on other forms of skates first, as starting on a pair of Chariot Skates might be like snow skiing for the first time using skis that are longer than beginners usually find easy to handle and control.