Are they faster than inline skates?

Chariot Skates have not been designed to be faster, they have been designed for cruising, commuting, maneuverability and recreational skating... in all, to increase the Fun Factor. Inline skates come in many different configurations for different applications; some for speed, some for recreational skating, some for aggressive skating & grinding, some for hockey. The speed skates compromise on maneuverability for greater stability & control at speed, where the hockey skates compromise on stability at speed for greater maneuverability. Without having done comprehensive controlled tests, we are reluctant to make any specific claims. However, from our experience, Chariot Skates are faster, more maneuverable and more fluid than recreational inline skates. They may not prove to be faster than high-end speed skates which are, obviously, going to be lighter and have been designed specifically for speed. Chariot Skates plans to design and develop wheelskates for speed applications later down the track but at this stage they are not configured specifically for speed.