Summary of Promotional Opportunity

To get a brief summary of what may be considered by some to be a once in a life time opportunity; watch this short introduction video then proceed to read the details below.

  • Summary of Promotional Opportunity
  • Chariot Skates the Dynamic Benefits
  • How hard is it to Learn?
  • Comparison of Skates Types
  • Cross-training Benefits for Skiers
  • This is what you get
  • Why we are offering reward incentives
  • How to earn Rebates
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Details required for you order
  • Insights into our pricing
  • Summary
  • Here’s the deal
  • How Much?
  • How to Order
  • Foot Notes

Chariot Skates Dynamic Benefits:

Apart from the awesome head turning impression you’ll make as you cruise your local area to cries of “Cool! How Cool; Where Do Ya Get ‘em?” or warm smiles, cheers & thumbs up from passing motorists; Chariot Skates have the following features and benefits.
  • The large wheel has no trouble rolling over surfaces and obstacles that are a hindrance to smaller rollers allowing you to freely skate on rougher terrain
  • The pneumatic rubber tyre on the large wheel apart from reducing weight greatly reduces the vibration experienced with the solid PU wheels on other skates
  • The rubber tyer will also grip the road better in wet conditions than the PU wheels on other skates
  • On the 24”/600mm wheel size which has a 120mm rear wheel your foot is only 80mm off the ground which is significantly lower than with some speed skates with 100mm or 110mm wheels, giving you great stability with all the benefits of a large wheel.
  •  The large wheel comes in contact with the ground under the ball of your foot and it’s the balls of our feet that we instinctively use to stop our selves falling forward, and to pivot on when turning, yet as you lift your heels (the rear wheels) off the ground the large wheel then contacts the ground in front of your foot, giving you forward support.
  • The distance between where the large wheel contacts the ground and the rear wheel is similar to the distance between the front and rear wheel of hockey skates which means they are as manoeuvrable as hockey skates and more manoeuvrable than speed skates.
  • The length of the leg support not only keeps your leg away from the wheel but it also gives you more ankle support than other forms of skates, yet pivots to allow full extension-flex of foot as you stride.
  • Because of the extra ankle support offered by the leg support there is no need to have the straps done up uncomfortably tight which means they can be comfortably worn all day long.
  • The combination of having your feet suspended below the axles of the large wheels, with leg-supports that pivot to allow full extension-flex of your feet gives you a very dynamic & fluid skating action, because as you stride to propel yourself forward the large wheels remains in contact with the ground throughout the entire length of the stride in one smooth action, even as the rear wheel comes of the ground when extending your foot.
  • For sharper turns or greater manoeuvrability at slow speeds, you can lift your heels, and with the rear wheels off the ground you turn or just pivot on the large wheels.
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Revolutionary new design

With this revolutionary new design we have a very versatile skate that gives you an awesome, dynamic, fluid skating experience with the freedom to venture beyond the terrain limitations of other skates.Commute like a bicycle with a freedom that can only be experienced without seat, frame & handle bars, and greater aerobic exercise value because:
  • you are not sitting down,
  • your stride is a lot greater than cranking pedals
  • and there is more movement between upper lower body.
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How hard is it to learn?

  • If you are good at skating with other skates you should have no trouble adapting to Wheelskates.
  • There are tips in our Safety Skating and Stopping instructions but one difference worth noting if you are used to using other skates, is that to take full advantage of Wheelskates you should extend your foot or point your toes when you stride which is not done with other skates.
  • A friend who is reasonably good on ice-skates and quads but always had trouble using inline skates took to wheelskates straight away and said they were better for him than inline skates because they are more comfortable and easier.
  • For people with no skating experience, generally the younger they are, the easier it is to learn. In any case it is no harder to learn than learning to skate with other forms of skates, all of which take practice, and some people have more natural ability when it comes to sports, balance and coordination than others.
  • We’ve had young guys with virtually no skating experience take to them straight away and generally don’t want to stop even after a few falls, while others are impatiently waiting to have a turn.
  • Like learning to walk or ride a bike you are going to have some falls, so you need to wear protective gear.
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Comparison of Skate types:

  • If you are into skate parks, bowls and ramps then Chariot Skates may not be for you, as being made of carbon fibre they are not designed to take the same hammering that a decent skate board or pair of aggressive / grinding skates will take and are not to be used in these situations.
  • Wheelskates gain & maintain momentum a lot easier than most inline and roller skates, so you go faster with less effort.
  • In the test that I have done I am 20% faster on Wheelskates than recreational Inline-skates. Although I have passed people on speed-skates, a Speed Skater may be faster on a good pair of good speed-skates, which are lighter and designed for speed rather than a pair of wheelskates which are designed more for cruising with comfort and manoeuvrability. Manoeuvrability tends to compromise stability at speed which is why speed-skates have longer wheel bases, improving stability at speed but compromise manoeuvrability.
  • Speed-skates are fast but they require a lot more skill to use, than recreational skates because:
    • their long wheel base & large 100 or 110mm wheels makes them less manoeuvrable and puts the skater higher off the ground making them harder to control;
    • plus they can be uncomfortable because they need to be very tight fitting on your feet
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For some of us nothing beats: the breath taking beauty of the mountains, blue sky, great snow and the sensational exhilarating freedom that comes with skiing. But skiing is seasonal and most of us have lives to live far from the snow and when we can afford the luxury of the going skiing it may only be a short annual event. But now with Wheelskates we can now enjoy the same sensational exhilarating experience anytime, without the expense of going to and staying in the snow.

How do you significantly reduce the risk of wrecking your dream holiday in the snow with a painful injury?

  • According to Simon Hudson in his book Snow Business published in the year 2000 there are 65 million Skiers worldwide – 43% in Europe, 34% in the Americas and 20% in Asia. ☆
  • In terms of injury, skiing is one of the highest risk sports that adults undertake on a regular basis. ☆
  • Every year on the ski slopes of Switzerland, according to the Swiss Council for Accident Prevention there are around 115,000 people injured. The problem is not really speeding skiers crashing into others, because 95% of injuries occur, to people skiing on their own, who are responsible for their own falls and injuries. ☆
  • The rate of injury occurrence in skiing is inversely related to the level of skiing experience. That is, skiers with the least experience are at the highest risk. ☆
  • Due to the seasonal nature of skiing many skiers begin the season without having performed any serious alternative exercise or training since the previous ski season. This places those individuals at increased risk of injury. ☆
  • Fatigue is a key factor in the occurrence of injuries. Once an individual becomes fatigued, their skill level decreases and they are more likely to find themselves in a situation where they lose control. Aerobic exercise targeted at improving endurance is essential. ☆
  • Lower limb strength is also vital to minimise injury risk. Strength of the calf, quadriceps and gluteal (buttock) muscles is especially important. As far as possible, strengthening exercises for these muscle groups should be done in a functional manner, that is, in such a way as to mimic the actions involved in skiing. ☆
  • Balance, agility and coordination also play key roles in becoming a better skier. Incorporating drills to enhance these abilities will better prepare you for any terrain the mountains have to offer. ☆
☆ Sources:
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Part of the reason that a lot of skiers don’t do much other training during the year is because previously there has been very little on offer that is as free, fun and exhilarating as skiing, that can be incorporated into our daily lives.

  • Gym membership is cool for some, but doesn’t work for others who need exercise to be more fun, interesting, challenging; preferring to exercise outside where they feel freer.
  • For me life is so busy that I end up missing gym sessions. I am more spontaneous and will sometimes grab my Chariot Skates and throw them on at 10:00 at night and go skating for a couple of hours.
  • I like the adventure of exploring new places and skating somewhere different, so I find skating rinks and gyms too restrictive
  • The great thing with wheelskates is that you can exercise and train while commuting.
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The training benefits that skiers will get with Chariot Skates:

  • wheelskates and snow-skis share the same sweet spot, that is: wheelskates have the balls of the skaters feet centred above where the large wheel contacts the ground and snow-skis have the bindings mounted, so that the balls of the skiers feet are in the centre of the skis; so in both cases optimum control is obtained when leaning forward with the majority of your weight on the balls of your feet.
  • because of the Long Leg-support you can ski down grass or rough slopes without the risk or ankle strain or injury
  • While skating you strengthen all the right muscle groups.
  • You improve your technique, coordination & balance skills,
  • with the tyres you don’t have the slip that you get with skis on snow, so it requires more accurate posture & body positioning; more accurate control & turning skills, so a better technique is learnt which dramatically improves skiing ability
  • You don’t have to go to the snow to do your training, which can cost you thousands of dollars per week when you add up the airfares, accommodation, lift passes and ski equipment
  • You have access to training and that same sensational exhilarating freedom 52 weeks of the year, in most weather conditions, just skating from your own front door, around your local area, through city parks, along the coast, along cycle paths or where ever your sense of adventure takes you.
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Save yourself the embarrassment:

  • If you’re an avid skier, like me, if the snow and the weather are good, you don’t want to stop skiing all day, barely stopping for lunch. And if you are unfit because you’ve had no training all year that can potentially be a problem; but now with Chariot Skates you can enjoy the same addictive exhilaration and freedom that you experience when skiing, all year round while training for an awesome time in the snow.
  • And you can be the guy cruising/powering through the black mogul runs and NOT the guy hesitating reluctantly at the top, thinking it’s too hard to handle, wishing you were with the guys ahead, which are making it look so easy and are leaving you for dead, stuck behind.
  • How much is it worth to you to be able to have an awesome time, training all year round to improve you fitness, confidence and skiing ability, to a level that to would require weeks of holidays skiing in the snow to obtain?
  • After spending thousands of $$$ on a ski holiday you don’t want the embarrassment of being carried off the mountain on a stretcher or airlifted by helicopter to the nearest hospital, missing all the action, and possibly not being able to go back to work for a few weeks; because: you took to a run you knew was beyond your ability (for lack of experience & training), because of the subtle peer pressure from skiers better than you.
  • How much is it worth to you to be able to reduce the risk of having your holiday and life wrecked by a painful injury?
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Enjoy the sensation of skiing as part of our daily lives

In an urban environment we are not going to have the breath taking beauty of snow capped mountains and blue sky, but with wheelskates we can now enjoy something that comes close to the sensational exhilarating freedom we experience when skiing, any time, all year round as part of our daily lives and at the same time training and conditioning ourselves for an awesome time in the snow.

This is what you get:

One pair of Chariot Skates original
Pilot/Production Run pairs of Wheelskates
Certificate of Appreciation and Authenticity
  • You get a Certificate of Appreciation and Authenticity with your name on it, signed by me the inventor
  • It comes with a certificate number which is also your promotional code which you can use to get promotional bonuses – more about that soon
User Manual
  • Assembly, Care & Maintenance Instruction
  • Safety Skating & Stopping Instructions
  • Warranty Indemnity Terms & Conditions
Bags & Tool Kit
  • You get a neat set of Chariot Skate bags so that you can carry your skates on the bus, train or the back of your car. See Intro Video
  • With handles or longer shoulder straps to make them as convenient as possible to carry
  • Separate compartments for each skate
  • You can unzip them to make two separate bags so you can carry them one in each hand
  • They have pockets inside to hold your helmet and protective gear
  • Once you take your Skates out you can fold the bags up so they fit neatly into a small carry bag that can be worn on a belt or thrown in a back pack while skating
  • You can fit a small hand pump inside
  • You can also keep you tool kit in there with a spare tube in case you get a puncture while out skating.
  • Tool Kit
    • One set of 3 Chariot Skates tyre levers
    • One 13mm wheel nut spanner
    • Two T-handle Allen Keys
    • One Pin Spanner
    • Spare valve holders and assorted screws.
Spare tyres tubes and rear wheels
  • We are including a bonus:
    • 2 spare tyres
    • 2 spare tubes
    • 2 spare 120 mm rear wheels with bearings and bearing spacers.
  • Because we don’t want you to have a lot of down time when you get a puncture or wear out your first set of tyres or rear wheels, we are giving you one set of spares, so that you can replace worn parts straight away.
  • While using your spare set you can arrange to get replacements for the worn ones.
Hand-held Brakes
  • You also get a set of hand held brakes
  • Which are designed to attached by screw and nut to wrist guards
  • Spare self-adhesive friction pads.
  • A set of wrist guards. We have been trying to source some good wrist guards and have had a lot of trouble doing this, but we are including the best that we can find at this stage.
  • Experienced skaters who can effectively stop using a T-stop will not need to use them.
  • For those who do choose to use them there are some skills and techniques that need to be learned to be able to stop effectively with them and our Skating & Stopping Instructions have some tips which you will find very helpful.
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Why we are offering Reward Incentives for our Early Adopters:

  • For new products, it is usually the Cutting-edge Innovators & Early-adopters that are the pioneers, the history makers, that help make it all happen
  • Those buying now are the Innovators shown before the Early Adopters in the graph above, they’re not like the Early & Late Majority who wait to see, but are the brave risk-takers who lead the way and we would like to show them our appreciation and reward them.
  • We would rather reward our customers, particularly our innovators & early adopters, who enjoy and are passionate about our skates than a big businessman who may have the big bucks for a container load, but no passion for our product, and is not going to promote them as well as someone who buys a pair and regularly gets out skating on them.
  • The more passionate someone is about Chariot Skates the more they’ll use and promote them, so the more they will help us and the more we will help and reward them.
  • We have had over 270 emails from people requesting to be resellers or distributors from dozens of different countries, but it is not easy at this stage to qualify resellers, and having a negligent reseller or distributor can destroy a business. However a good indicator about whether someone might have what it takes to be one of our resellers or distributors will be the number of referrals they are able to give us and the relationship that we can build as a result of that.
In decades to come after wheelskates have made appearances in Hollywood movies and are commonly available – with your Certificate of Appreciation & Authenticity – you can share with your grandchildren how as one of the innovator/early-adopters you played a significant historical role in partnering with Chariot Skates as one of their promoters.
You may not have had the privilege of flying in one of the Wright Brothers early production models, or the adventure of driving or owning one of the 1st early production motor cars or bicycles, but you do have a chance to be the first in your city or country to experience the adventure and exhilaration of owning and skating with a pair of wheelskates.
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How Can We Do This?

  • While selling through our website we do not need to allow for margins for retailers
  • Retailers need to have a margin on the wholesale prices they pay, of significantly more than 20%, out of which they have to pay their expenses for running their shop and carrying stock.
  • But you will not have to carry stock or pay any expenses for running a shop, but, you give us referrals and when your referrals purchases a pair of Chariot Skates online through our website we give you a rebate and we will handle the delivery and customer service.
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How to earn Rebates:

  • we are going to pay you rebates for online purchases by the referrals that you give us
  • while we are only selling our Wheelskates through our website, every one that buys a pair of Chariot Skates becomes a potential Promoter and will get a promotional code which will be the same as the number of your Certificate of Authenticity.
  • you can give your promotional code to your friends or people who stop you in the streets, or once you get confident on them you can post some video on FaceBook and give people access to your Promotional Code
  • every one that purchases a pair through our website with your code will get a US$270 discount** and we will give you “the Promoter” a US$320 rebate**
  • There is no limit to the number of rebates that we will give you during the promotional period***, so if enough of your referees purchase a pair of Chariot Skates you will not only get your skates paid for with your accumulated rebates but you can earn yourself an income
  • If you sell your Chariot Skates to someone else, then you no longer qualify as a promoter and any one that does not purchase a pair through the Chariot Skates website does not qualify as a Promoter: rebates will only be paid to qualified Promoters.
  • You have the opportunity to earn an income while enjoying your passion for adventure, skating or skiing.
  • You as one of our customer/promoters could end up being one of our future resellers for your city or country. Because later, when we increase our production volume to a level where we will be looking for distributors in the countries where the demand calls for us to send our skates there by the container load, then our most successful promoters – who are responsible for that increased demand – maybe interested and qualify for some sort of role as reseller or distributor.
This application/sales page including the footnotes below constitutes the terms of sales with regards to bonus rebates for the sale of pairs of Wheelskates from Chariot Skates' early production runs. In keeping with our commitment to look after our Innovators & Early-Adopters, bonuses and rebates offered to future online purchasers of pairs from our future production runs may not be as generous.
If the bonus rebates are an important factor in your decision to purchase please Save or Print this for future record.
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Money Back Guarantee:

  • Apart from our 2 year warranty on carbon parts to be free from defects in materials and workmanship [see Chariot Skates Warranty Indemnity] you are also covered by our 21 day (15 working day) 100%**** money back guarantee;
  • Order the product and if you aren’t completely thrilled for any reason or no reason at all, simply return them to us in new condition and after inspection we will send you a complete refund of the full amount you paid us, no questions asked, no hassle, no delay.
  • ****You will need to pay for and cover the cost of the original import duties & taxes when you first received the delivery, unless your country’s customs department is able to refund this amount to you
  • ****You will need to pay for the cost of the return freight to us,
  • We will cover and pay the costs of the original delivery freight to you which is included in your purchase price.
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Details required in your order:

  • Your lower leg and foot dimensions as per image shown
  • Your skating experience
  • Your skiing experience
  • Any comments that you may have about your skating/skiing experience and why you would like to get one of the first few sets of our Wheelskates.
  • The name that you would like to appear on your Certificate of Appreciation & Authenticity, as they may be a birthday present or gift for someone else.
  • Your email address.
  • Your Country and city, state or province
  • Acknowledge that you have read and agree to our Warranty Indemnity Terms and Conditions and agree to use Wheelskates in compliance with the Safety Skating & Stopping Instructions as well as our Assembly Care & Maintenance Instructions
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Insights into our Pricing

  • A pair of our skates with a pair of carbon: wheels, foot-supports and leg-supports, has about 3kg of carbon in them which is about double what a carbon bike frame and fork set has, and a reasonable carbon bike sell for between $3,500 to $10,000 because not only is the carbon fibre material expensive but the process is very labour intensive – the quality of the bicycle component group set also plays a significant part in pricing.
  • Like many new products starting out with low production volumes our costs are higher because we don’t get the economy of scale of production. But while initially selling them direct online we can offset some of that by factoring out the retail, distributor and importer margins as.
  • With our current manufacturing costs if we were producing sufficient quantities to be selling a them by the container load, by the time you account for importer, wholesale and retail margins they would need to retail in the shops for around US$8,400 plus GST or VAT and import duties.
  • We expect that when demand and volume increases we will need to sell them through retail shops because some people would prefer to see them and try them on, and logistically it will be better to ship them to various countries by the container load. It is expected that even with increased volume future retail shop prices will need to be higher, but while selling them online we are offering you some awesome bonus.
  • In any case Chariot Skates like carbon bicycles are going to be an exclusive item. Not everyone buys $4,000 to $8,000 bicycles – although some people have several of them, just as there are people with several expensive guitars or several racing yachts – but in spite of the prices and the current recession, the sales volume of the better name brands of Carbon bikes has been increasing dramatically every year; from a total worldwide sales volume of around 400,000 bikes in 2008 to 680,000 last year in 2010.
  • Sure not everyone can afford to pay that sort of money for a bicycle, skates, a guitar, or a Rolex watch, that’s why there are plenty of reasonable bikes, skates, guitars and watches available for under $400.
  • Every pair of our Wheelskates is hand crafted, from the placing of every piece of Carbon Fibre to decals, painting and assembling to ensure that each pair gives you optimum performance. The work involved is comparable to the work involved in a hand crafted musical instrument.
  • Some people have suggested that we should be selling them for around US$400 to make them more affordable and reach an larger market, but the reality is that $400 only makes up a very small percentage of our manufacturing costs, and after all the testing and prototyping we’ve done I have doubts that it they can be viably made using other materials, as there are some significant challenges that need to be overcome.
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  • Chariot Skates' revolutionary new design gives you an awesome, dynamic, fluid skating experience that allows you the freedom to venture beyond the terrain limitations of other skates.
  • Great stability and comfort even on rough terrain
  • Wheelskates are configured with the same sweet spot as Snow-Skis that make them a great for training and improving your fitness and a technique, so that you can be conditioned for an awesome time in the snow, reducing the risk of having your holiday wrecked by a painful accident.
  • You Get a Certificate of Appreciation & Authenticity, signed by me the inventor
  • You get a Bonus set of Bags and Tool Kit
  • You get a Bonus spare set of Tyres, Tubes & Rear Wheels
  • You get to partner with us and get rewarded with a US$320 rebate** when one of your referees purchase a set of Chariot Skates
  • You get a 2 year warranty on carbon parts being free from defects in materials and workmanship
  • You get a 21 (15 working) day 100%**** money back guarantee if for any reason you are not completely thrilled with your Wheelskates you can simply return them to us in new condition and we will give you 100% of what you paid to us back. Although we cannot reimburse you for the cost of any import duty you’ve paid or the cost of the return freight to us.
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Here is the Deal:

  • Up until recently only Michael and a few very close friends and relatives have had the opportunity to try these amazing skates.
  • And now you don’t have to spend 5 or 6 years and millions of dollars developing a pair for yourself, but you do have the opportunity to play a part in making history by becoming one our early adopters and partnering with us to take things to the next level.
  • You are not only investing in your passion, your health & fitness but you are investing in a potential rewarding business as one of our promoters.
  • You carry no stock and have no shop expenses, but you can earn some pocket money or a significant income while enjoying your commute to school or work or while cutting loose on the weekend because we will give you rebates on the sales that we get form your referrals
  • Turn your passion for adventure, challenge, skating or skiing into a part-time income or potentially into a career by getting in on the ground floor simply by purchasing a pair of these awesome new Skates.
Disclaimer: Purchasing a pair of our Wheelskates is no guarantee that you will be able to get and give us referrals and even in the case that you do there is no guarantee that those referees will in turn purchase a pair themselves; therefore we give no assurances of any potential income. However it is reasonable to expect that someone with good skating or skiing ability, who easily takes to and is good at Wheelskating, with many friends and contacts with a similar passion for skiing or skating who, have the financial means to purchase a pair, will have a better chance of earning rebates than someone with little or no ability or contacts in such areas.
For those that skating, skiing or fitness is your thing and you have just got to have a pair regardless of any rebates; go for it! You’re in for an awesome time!
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How Much?

Total Price including:
  • delivery to your door (or local customs depot),
  • the bonus set of bags,
  • tools,
  • bonus spare set of tyres tubes and rear wheels,
  • Certificate of Appreciation & Authenticity signed me the inventor
  • partnering with us and being rewarded with rebates for sales that we get through your referrals
  • 2 year warranty on carbon parts & 21 day money back guarantee
Reduced for a limited time only
^excluding taxes, import duties &/or customs handling fees)
Note: We can sell them at this price online, but with our current volumes and production costs they would need to be priced higher if they were sold through retail shops, because of importer distributor and retailer margins. Once we have increased our volume sufficiently to ship in large enough volume to supply shops our economy-of-scale should have improved to be able to have them available in shops for a similar price. We will always endeavour to price them as reasonably and fairly as possible.

BONUS Rebate Offer!

The first 3 customers who give us 12 referrals that purchase a pair of our Wheelskates will
Yes get a free pair of our Wheelskates! We will ship to you a brand new free pair in any size you like.
We also plan to have other promotional Bonus offers which we will announce as our business and relationship with our customers grows and develops.

If you want be one of the first to get a pair in your country & have them for this current Summer in the US or Europe here’s what you need to do NOW:

Contact us today!
We will process orders as soon as they come in, and get back to you by email as soon as possible if there are any doubts about your sizing information.
P.S. One last thing: this offer of partnering with us and earning rebates may not last forever. When our Wheelskates are available in shops people may not be able to partner with us and earn rebates – see foot notes*** below.

Yes! I want to purchase a pair, and receive the generous bonuses including the awesome opportunity to earn rebates as explained in this application/sales page

Contact us todayI understand that the US$4,250 purchase price does not include taxes and import duty relative to my country, which I also need to pay if required.
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Foot Notes

*Import Duties
  • You need to be prepared to pay import duties.
  • Most countries require that import duties be paid on the cost price paid and possibly other customs handling fees. Those duties are typically the same percentage as the VAT or GST for that country but in some countries only if the item exceeds a certain value which could be $500 or $1,000.
  • If you decide to return your Wheelskates within the 21 days for the 100% money back guarantee, you would need to cover the expense of the import duty (unless it is possible for your countries customs to give you a refund), as we cannot refund this.
** US$270 discount & US$320 rebate and possible future variations
  • You will be notified by email as soon as one of your referees purchases a pair of Chariot Skates
  • you will be paid your total rebates due once a month and rebates only become due after the purchaser has qualified by passing their return-by date
  • you will receive an itemized statement by email when your monthly payment for rebates has been made to you, which will show the current payment, past payments and payments pending for recent purchases pending qualification
  • Rebates will generally be paid to the credit card, PayPal or bank account initially used to purchase the Chariot Skates. Where this is not possible, a bank transfer to your bank account of choice will be used.
  • Because of possible future variations in price either: up for inflation, or down because we are able to reduce our costs; we may need to change the value of the discount and rebate; but in any case the discount for purchasers using your promotional code will always be at least 3.0% of the listed price (excluding any taxes such as VAT, GST & Import duties), and the rebate you receive will always be at least 7.0% of the listed price (excluding any taxes such as VAT, GST & Import duties).
  • We will always give you notice in advance by email, either by way of newsletter or in your statements you receive of any changes to be made in the value of rebates.
  • If at our discretion we decide to reduce the rebates for the referrals given to us by future purchasers from the current “at least 7.0% of the listed price” to something like 6.0% your rebate will still remain the same at “at least 7.0%” while future purchasers may get a lesser amount.
  • The current US$320 rebates will only be reduced if the current listed price is reduced.
***The Promotional Period may not last forever!
  • Our desire is to build relationships with and do whatever is in the best interests of our customers, and allow them to partner with us as long as possible, however once our skates are available in the shops we may for some reason need to cease selling them through our website, in which case we may need to bring an end to this promotion and stop paying rebates.
  • For now we are committing to selling through our website and paying rebates up to the 1st of July 2013 but all going well – as we hope and trust it will – we will continue to sell through or website and pay rebates well beyond this date.
  • Production volumes are going to be very limited initially so there is likely to be some delay before you can start earning your rebates, but next year in 2012 we should be able to scale up production faster to meet demand.
  • We may at some point – at our discretion – stop giving out promotional codes to future online purchasers, although purchasers who already have a promotional code will still be able to earn rebates. It will depend on the results feedback and success of the promotion, but at this stage it is intended that we will continue to do this as long as we are selling exclusively to our newsletter subscribers, which will be for at least the first few hundred pairs sold; therefore if you are interested in being a promoter it is in your interest to purchase a pair as soon as you can.
  • We trust that all our purchasers/promoters are cool and sensible about how they promote Chariot Skates and give out their promotional codes, and that there shall be no problems but if for any reason we feel that one of our purchasers/promoters is using promotional practices that are undesirable or some way unethical, and not in the best interest of Chariot Skates they will be instructed to cease from such undesirable promotional practices, and we reserve the right to cease paying out rebates to any promoter who fails to comply with any such instructions.
  • We do not want promoters spamming people online or using other obnoxious promotional tactics, which in any case will likely put people off of using the spammer’s promotional code and use someone else’s instead.
  • If any purchaser has any doubts about something being a desirable promotional practice, or if they discover another promoter using promotional practices that they feel are undesirable we would very much appreciate it if they contact us about it.
  • Once you start skating around you will constantly get people stopping to talk to you to ask where you get them from so you will have no trouble promoting them.
****100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Although we are happy to refund to you 100% of the money you paid to Chariot Skates Ltd:
  • we cannot refund to you: the cost of the import duties that you may have paid,
  • you will need to pay for the return freight to us, although included in your 100% refund is the cost of the original delivery freight to you that was included in your purchase price