About Chariot Skates

Chariot Skates is a brand name for the revolutionary new skating product called Wheel-skates that crosses boundaries into skiing and cycling.

Only the unique large wheel and pneumatic tyre of Wheel-skates allow you to:
  • gain and maintain momentum with less effort, greater stability and more manoeuvrability
  • skate over rougher terrain or ski down grassy slopes
  • or commute like a bicycle free of seat & handle bars
Chariot Skates Ltd, which has secured an exclusive license to manufacture and distribute the patented Wheel-skates product, is currently undertaking preproduction testing and tuning before unleashing this product on the market. Curious? Track our progress.
Recent appearances in the UK's Metro and The Sun newspapers.
WINNER of People's Choice award for Episode 21 – 24/06/09 of the ABC's New Inventors!