How it Works

Wheelskates' revolutionary design features a pair of large wheels that have the skater's feet suspended below the axles enabling a smoother, more fluid skating experience that crosses boundaries into skiing and cycling.
Wheelskates' unique, patented design replaces the limitations of boots and small-wheels with a free, fluid flow that feels like ice skating and snow skiing at the same time:
  • they gain & maintain momentum with less effort & greater stability than other skates, yet allow more maneuverability;
  • a large wheel with pneumatic tire securely supported away from the skaters leg allows the skater to:
    • skate over rougher terrain;
    • ski down grassy slopes;
    • commute like a bicycle with a freedom only possible without seat or handle-bars;
    • enjoy greater aerobic exercise by not sitting down;
  • the foot suspended below the main wheel’s axle provides a lower center of gravity;
  • the large wheel comes into contact with the ground under the ball of the skater/skier’s foot which we instinctively use for support and as a pivot point when turning, allowing greater maneuverability and control;
  • mechanically hinged leg & foot supports that allow:
    • full extension-flex of the foot whilst skating; unlike boots that restrict ankles and foot extension-flex
    • yet at the same time provides full ankle support and protection; unlike shoes that provide no ankle support or protection;
  • a support strut with a tension spring,
    • that acts as a forward stop for leg movement,
    • and more importantly compensates for the weight of the wheel minimizing any strain on the Tibialis Anterior Muscle which is used for inversion of the foot, and yet is tuned to allow no hindrance to the calve muscles freely flexing the foot;
  • optional hand operated brakes;
  • light weight carbon composite construction